Area Rug Cleaning in St Louis and St Charles

Area Rug Cleaning in St. Louis & St. Charles

Area rugs are an important investment and a great piece to almost any room. They usually get a lot of traffic and, because of this, become dirty over time. Built up dirt can cause area rugs to loose their color and no longer be the wonderful piece that ties your room together. When your rug starts to looks dull. Call the professional area rug cleaners at ABC Chem-Dry to make your rug look new again.

Before you chose your rug, you probably spent a lot of time choosing it and making sure that it went with the theme of your home. Your rug was an important investment to you, something that you spent time and money on. We understand that your rug should be treated like the investment that it is. ABC Chem-Dry offers area rug cleaning that is gentle enough to be safe for your rug but powerful enough to remove the dirt and girme, helping it look new again. Just like you trust your car to a professional mechanic, or your plumbing to a professional plumber, trust the professionals at ABC Chem-Dry to treat your rug with professional care.

A Clean Rug Helps Promote A Healthier Home

Just like your carpets and upholstery, area rugs act like a filter in your home, trapping the dirt and allergens that float around in the air. When your rug is clean, it can better trap dirt and allergens, improving the air quality of your home. Over time as rugs collect more dirt, their ability to keep dirt out of the air diminishes. By having your rugs cleaned professionally, you enable your rug ability to act as a filter and keep dirt out of your air.