Why You Need ABC Chem-Dry’s Sanitizing Services

ABC Chem-Dry knows how important it is to have a clean and germ free home - which is why we are proud to offer our sanitizing services that can be applied to high and low contact areas of your home. Especially during the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, keeping your home sanitized is as important as ever!

Here are 3 reasons why you need ABC Chem-Dry’s sanitizing services today:

  • We use a hospital-grade sanitizer:

Our carefully created, hospital-grade sanitizer has been proven at eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and viruses from hard non-porous surfaces like tile, stone, wood, laminates, and vinyl. Our product has been proven to be safe and effective by hospitals who also use our product on a regular basis!

  • It can be applied to high and low contact areas of your home:

ABC Chem-Dry’s technicians will be applying our hospital-grade sanitizer to these areas of your home!

Some high contact areas are:

  • Door handles

  • Countertops

  • light switches

  • refrigerator door handles

  • stair rails

Some Low contact areas are:

  • Carpets,

  • Area rugs

  • Hardwood floor

  • Stone surfaces

  • Safety ALWAYS comes first:

Our technicians are aware to social distance when working in your home as much as possible. Workers are instructed to:

  • Keep a safe distance while working

  • Wear protective equipment (gloves, safety glasses, masks, etc)

  • Wipe down equipment after each cleaning appointment.

Call ABC Chem-Dry today to learn more about our other services!

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