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Area Rug Cleaning in St Louis and St Charles

Area Rug Cleaning in St. Louis & St. Charles

Area rugs are an excellent addition to any space and can be beautiful works of art! However, they can also become dirty and dull-looking from day to day use. There's no reason to throw them out or call it quits, though. ABC Chem-Dry offers rug cleaning services that can remove stains, get rid of pet urine odors, and bring rugs back to their original vibrance! See the difference in your home today.

With nearly 40 years of experience cleaning rugs, we train our specialty technicians to handle even the most delicate materials with care! All rugs are tested before beginning services to ensure that they are cleaned as effectively as possible without the risk of damage.

To get a deeper, longer-lasting clean, we use a unique process called Hot Carbonating Extraction. Millions of little carbonated bubbles pull dirt and grime to the surface, which allows us to use 80% less water than traditional steam cleaning! Our cleaning solutions are green-certified, so you can rest easy knowing that we're being easy on the environment.

Benefits of ABC Chem-Dry Rug Cleaning

Beyond our eco-friendly cleaning solutions and expert stain removal, we want the rug cleaning process to be as easy as possible! That's why we set up a dedicated facility for deep cleaning your cherished rugs. So, whether your rug has been heavily stained and requires more attention, or you just want the convenience of dropping off a piece while you're out and about, we're ready to help!

Click here to speak with an area rug cleaning expert!

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